What the keto?

Over 3 stone lost in 8 months

In April 2016 I felt sick most mornings, was overweight, lethargic, didn’t sleep well, was overly emotional, and drank too much. I felt old at 37 years. Having a one-year-old child, I was not the father or the person I wanted to be. I decided it was time to do something about it.

I felt the best place to start would be to lose some weight. I went on a Keto (Ketogenic) / LCHF diet (Low Carbohydrate High Fat). Within eight months I lost 20 kg (3 st, 2 lb / 44 lbs).

It turned out that losing weight was just one of a surprising number of realised benefits that made me decide to continue the diet to this day and now I never look back.

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