Everything I ate in 2017

The spreadsheet below details everything I ate in 2017 (yes really).  It was a very arduous process, especially given this diet doesn’t include a lot of things out of packets – meaning every new recipe had to be weighed and analysed at ingredient level.  I used MyFitnessPal.  Sometimes things had to be reasonably estimated, sometimes I had to make reasonable data substitutions where no data was available, so this is a rough guide.  All this could have ended in divorce, had my wife not the patience of a saint.

Some interesting takeaways (ha – takeaway) were that I consumed approximately:

  • 831 creamed coffees
  • 257 cups of tea (nearly all with full fat milk)
  • 255 Eggsnogs – a weird breakfast drink I blended myself, recipe coming soon
  • 114 low carb buns (homemade)
  • 160 rashers of bacon
  • 30 kg of butter
  • 120 eggs (probably a lot more in other recipes)
  • 12 kg of cheese
  • 179 lattes – mostly full fat milk
  • Quite a lot of dark chocolate (>90% cocoa) and too many peanuts
Very dark chocolate 90-100% cocoa
Amazing how formerly bitter became the new sweet on a low carb diet

In addition I consumed a lot of great homemade meals too so whilst these numbers are interesting they do not reflect my diet as a whole.  My diet has also changed a fair bit since 2017.

In all I consumed approximately 16 kg of carbohydrates, 46 kg of protein and 75 kg of fat.  That’s 12%, 34% and 54% respectively.  This is a more protein than is generally recommended for an LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diet.  This works OK for me generally, but when I am aiming for performance I target a more ketogenic 10% / 20% / 70% or even 5% / 15% / 80%.

After all that fat all year – how much weight did I put on??

Between the start and end of 2017 – I gained 1.5 lbs.  Pretty much nothing at all.

Annotation 2019-03-13 200735

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can view or download a spreadsheet below, which lists everything I ate and drank from 03/01/2017 to 03/01/2018.

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