What do I eat?

I am a big fan of quality meats and dairy products of all kinds.  (By the way, it is possible to achieve all the above as a vegetarian, if meat is not your thing.)  I try to buy organic wherever possible, because what animals eat and are exposed to really does make a difference to its nutritional properties.  Whilst not a huge fan of “greens” I do eat cabbage, spinach, green beans and other leafy “above ground” produce.  I eat a lot of eggs, which I believe are probably amongst the most nutritious thing we can eat (eaten whole, preferably organic).  I enjoy high fat (low sugar) yoghurt and berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries), and 90-100% dark chocolate in moderation.  I like eating nuts.  I eat too many salted peanuts, but otherwise walnuts.  I cook in real butter or olive oil, favouring frying as there is less loss of nutritious fat in the process.  My wife kindly makes a whole host of amazing recipes and we thus enjoy a great variety of meals.  Probably the worst thing I ever eat is KFC – my vice.  I only ever eat the chicken and very rarely the “sides”.  KFC is not the highest carb take-away, but it is highly processed and contains numerous inflammatory ingredients.  It doesn’t happen too often, so I do not worry!

Unbelievably, I managed to record everything I ate and drank in 2017: Everything I ate in 2017

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