7km trail run in the sun

Today I went for a 7km run in what was forecast to be cool and overcast. I decided to take my new sun-hat and sun-t-shirt just to try them out for comfort. I was glad that I did, because it turned out to be quite clear, hot and sunny. I was pleased to learn that these new items work really well, kept the sun off my head and helped to keep me cool.

7km run in the sun

This route is quite varied, with some road, track, fields, uneven ground and mud. I was also pleased to note my best time for this particular route, having maintained a moderate pace, with no stoppages or “walking breaks” – apart from a few gates and foot-bridges – a total stoppage time of just 15 seconds.

Tomorrow I hope to make a much longer run. Today’s run was in simulation of the main event – since on the bank-holiday Sunday there will be a 5km run, before the 42km marathon on the Monday.

As usual, I ran in a fasted state. I felt good and full of energy. I didn’t suffer like I did on my previous run in the warm weather, which whilst that was a much longer run – I felt struggled with the sun on my head almost as soon as I began. This is all reassuring – since my run is in May and could be almost any temperature – I hope for cool though!

In other news – my running bib for the marathon came through. I am runner number 1762. There is no turning back now!?

It’s official – I’m runner 1762

Onwards and upwards… thank you for your support!

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