One week to go

With my first ever marathon coming up in one week’s time (6th May) some have been asking about my latest preparations.

It’s not long now until my marathon weekend on 5th/6th May.  Please help raise money for Marie Curie by sponsoring my first marathon in memory of “my third grandparents”.

In many ways I have been preparing for this event since I started my low-carb / ketogenic diet back in April 2016.  Since then I lost a lot of weight and as I became energised, I became interested to learn how far I could push myself in this new found state.

10th May 2019 update: see A marathon – just add sugar

I am following my very own protocol, which I created built on years of study and self-experimentation.  I finally documented this in March 2019, and often refer to it myself to keep on track!

Running on fat without sugar (the protocol)

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